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Grammar Course

This course mainly focus on grammar, rather than teaching daily conversations.
It is recommended that you memorized Hiragana and Katakana characters before getting start.

  1. Ending a sentence with です: Plain vs Polite | Past, Present, Negative tenses
  2. Particles: は, の, か
  3. Adjective: い-adj-i vs な-adj
  4. Adjective: adj & noun (+Particle: が)
  5. Adjective: Multiple Adjectives & Noun
  6. Ending a sentence with ます: Plain to ます, part1
  7. Verbs: Go, Come, Return (+Particles: に, で, と, へ)
  8. Verbs: Do (+Particles: で, を)
  9. Question Words: 何
  10. Question Words: い~、ど~
  11. Composite Sentences (+Particles: も, が, けど)
  12. Question Words + も
  13. Plain-form to ない-form
  14. Plain-form to た-form and て-form
  15. Verbs: Give, Take, Do for
  16. Particles in detail

A message from the author: In Japanese grammar, there are many transformations of words and sentences, Personally, I found grammar as a core of Japanese language. To read easy Manga, grammar is needed as much as vocabulary. If you know many vocabulary, you may understand a half of the story, but whenever you see some words you don’t understand the meaning, the dictionary is useless if you don’t know the original form of the word you want to search. On the other hand, if you have good enough grammar, you should be able to read Manga and study vocabulary from it using dictionary.

By learning above lessons, it is expected that you will have enough basic to continue studying Japanese language by yourself, and that you can enough basic to study Japanese from media, like Manga and Anime. Videos for studying vocabulary are provided separately so that you can choose to learn sets of vocabulary you like.

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