Little Query: Query and Export Data from mySQL

This tool is designed to assist SQL users. It provides templates for quick writing of SQL commands and can be used for exporting queried table.

Download (Official Version): Microsoft Store
Requirements: Windows 10+, MySQL Database

Download (Portable Version): ver1.0.2 (~1 MB) (less features)
Requirements: Windows (any), MySQL Database
Older Versions: ver1.0 (~1 MB)

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Quick Guides

  • Configurations for Database Connection are stored in Data\database.txt. This file will be generated automatically if it is not existed; a template of connection configuration is given.
  • All queries connect to a database specified in Serv (on pressing button Query)
  • Clicking ⯈ is optional. By clicking this button, names of tables and their columns will be loaded to Quick Add menus.
  • After INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE operation. Table specified on the first row of the cmd box will be queried and displayed.
  • You can export the table being displayed as a CSV or Excel file
  • You may test this app on this sample database (this file is embedded in portable version). There are several ways to import this .sql file to a database server. One simple way is to execute codes in this file as an SQL command.
Format of Connection Configuration:

Demo VDO


New Feature

Design for inserting data from a CSV file to SQL database

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