MeloTex – Melodic Texts, Notepad for Melody (Android + iOS)

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Quick Note-taking of Musical Notes
With this app, you can quickly take letter notes of music and later replay them. Interface is designed to allow its user to quickly & easily change Key, Transpose, increase/decrease Octaves. Data can be read/write in a form of .txt file, allowing transferring/sharing at ease.


Edit Tab

  • A-B: Musical notes as a letter
  • Up and Down: to increase (/) and decrease (\) octave
  • Blue Scroll: Change Key (also used to write letter Sharp (♯:#) with and Flat (:b)
  • Black Scroll: Change Text Size
  • Space and Enter: Only for ease of reading, doesn’t affect playing

Play Tab

  • ▶ Button: Play melodies (Kalimba-inspired interface), 1 Tab = 1 Note
  • T+ and T-: Transpose
  • Scrollbar and Menus below: For read/write file to app folder located at “Android/data/pp.flutter.melody/files”

Header Menu

  • Clear: Make the textbox empty
  • Unclear: Undo the above action
  • Play from the beginning: Move cursor to the beginning of the file
  • How to use: Come to this webpage



How melodies processed?

  • Melodic Texts to be processed only stores pitch information, not rhythm.
  • The app first looks for notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B. (must be Capital Letter)
    It checks whether there is # or b after each note.
    Then, it assign values for each note.
  • The app analyzes octave changes ( / and \ ) over the whole textbox and memorize the octave for each note. Even if you don’t play from the beginning, octave control should still work perfectly.
  • Other texts are ignored on playing.
    So you may add lyrics with non-capitalized texts, it won’t affect Playing


Example: Minuet in G major, BWV Anh. 114

Minuet in G major, BWV Anh. 114





Example: Scaling over Octaves

Scaling over Octaves




Upcoming Features

  • More instruments
  • Database for sharing MeloTex (melodic texts)
  • More interface for imputing data




MeloTex (App Demo) : Minuet in G major, Bach


MeloTex (App Demo) : Simple C Chord + Transpose


MeloTex (App Demo) : Changing Octaves


MeloTex (App Demo) : Writing Canon in D as Melodic Texts



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