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Here, you can find collections of apps and tools I developed.

AskAround: chatting with nearby people

Android App

Available on PlayStore

“Ask people Around you,” That’s what this app is designed to help you to do!

For travellers, anyone

Geometry Calculator
Small, yet powerful calculator for 2D shapes
For those work with geometry

For math learners

Little Series (Windows)

Available on Microsoft Store
These tools are designed under the concept of “Simple, yet powerful”; they are simple to use, yet can be powerful in speeding up your tasks. They are small in size, yet can be applied to a variety of applications.

Little Transformer
Text editor with TTS designed for formatting data format and assisting coding

For general people, coders

Little CSV
Bulk CSV File Manager: concatenating files, extract mean/average, SD, Min, Man, Median, Mode, etc.

For data analysers

Little Query
A tool for querying and exporting data from SQL Database

For SQL users

Little TTS
Table-based multi-language speech synthesis designed for language learning

For language learners

Little Cal
Simple calculator that can store and export calculation history.

For anyone

Windows App

Segment Analyser
Evaluation tool for Temporal Segmentation / Motion Segmentation Research

For researchers

Online Tools

Prove my location

For anyone

Chat with people around you – P-Library

For anyone

Investment Calculators
Online tools for planning your investment investors

For investors

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