Encoda – Encode Texts / Encrypt Messages (Android + iOS)

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You write your diary, or gonna send messages or a password to someone, but you don’t want them to be found by other people? With this tool, you can hide the contents.

Encrypt/Encode your message to hide contents
Simple and straight forward. No Ads and easy-to-use interface.


Encryption/Encoding Methods

[Key-based] a key is required
– Ciphers, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
: Specify a “key” for encrypt and decrypt messages
– AlphabetShift: Caesar Cipher : Shift English alphabets by a given amount (“code”)

[LanguageShift] hide contents in the form of non-English alphabets
– Greek Style : A combination of Greek, Persian, Syriac, Ge’ez, Cyrillic, and Syriac alphabets.
– Arabian Style : A combination of Arabic and Hebrew alphabets. Preserve capital and non-capital characters.
– Chinese Style : Encode messages to Chinese-like messages.
– Khmer Style : Encode messages to Khmer-like messages.

[Others]– Morse Code (lossy) : Encode texts to Morse Code (Lossy: capital letters and special characters will be lost).
– Binary Code : Encode texts to Binary Code
– Window btoa (Base64, binary to ASCII) :  Encode texts based on Window Base64 standard
– Reverse: All : Reverse all texts at once
– Reverse: Word-by-Word : Reverse texts, word-by-word

** You can combine them to form a more complex encryption **

Interface (Menu rows in the middle of the screen)

ROW0 (Appear only in some mode) : Set Key for encrypt/decrypt
ROW1 : Undo from last Encode/Decode/Clear, Button ? to see short instructions, Selector to choose a method
ROW2 : Contains menu for copy-paste and encode/decode (encrypt/decrypt)

  • White text area: original messages
  • Black text area: encoded messages
  • : Clear both textboxes
  • P: Paste from clipboard to the white/black box
  • C: Copy to clipboard from the white/black box

* If you have the original text on clipboard  >> Use the first 3 buttons in row to encode and get it copied to clipboard
* If you have encoded text on clipboard >> Use the last 3 buttons in row to decode and get it copied to clipboard


Word-by-word Reverse

(Advanced Encryption Standard)


Demo VDO







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