Encoda – Encode Texts / Encrypt Messages (Android + iOS)

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You write your diary, or gonna send messages to someone, but you don’t want them to be found by other people. Then, with this tool, you can encode them to foreign-language-like thing~

Encode your message to hide contents
Simple and straight forward. No Ads and easy-to-use interface.
* Currently work only with English.
* This is an encoder tool, not a translator

White box: original messages
Black box: encoded messages
: Clear both textboxes
P: Paste from clipboard to the white/black box
C: Copy to clipboard from the white/black box

If you have the original text on clipboard  >> Use the first 3 buttons in row to encode and get it copied to clipboard
If you have encoded text on clipboard >> Use the last 3 buttons in row to decode and get it copied to clipboard





Current Features

  • Morse (Lossy): Encode texts to Morse Code (Lossy: capital letters and special characters will be lost).
  • Greek-Style: A combination of Greek, Persian, Syriac, Ge’ez, Cyrillic, and Syriac alphabets.
  • Arabian-Style: A combination of Arabic and Hebrew alphabets. Preserve capital and non-capital characters.
  • Chinese-Style: Encode messages to Chinese-like messages.
  • Khmer-Style: Encode messages to Khmer-like messages.

Coming Features

  • Allow users to define their own encoding rules (change to any style you like, make style that only you can read)



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