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Have you ever experienced these problems?

  • You were traveling and you couldn’t find the destination, or want to ask local people some questions
  • You could not find a public toilet
  • You faced problems and looked for someone who can speak your language
  • You wanted to buy some bundled products but you did not want all the items
  • You lost something and wanted to ask people nearby

“Ask people Around you,” that’s what this app is designed to help you to do!


App Description

This application is designed for users to broadcast their messages to the public and receive messages from other users nearby . The main design is to allow users to chat in the public anonymously under aliases.


  • You can receive message from people within a range you specify
  • You can set alias without the need to log in
  • You can set GPS; mock GPS is indicated by *
  • When you post a message, unless you turn on “Reveal Distance to Me,” which is set OFF by default, receivers will not see distance or direction to you

Newly added

  • New interface, battery optimization, notification

To be added

  • Channel for private messaging
  • The current version does not store old message in a local device. It calls recent messages on start.
    In future update, the ten last messages will be shown, and user can choose whether to store old messages.


p.s. please refrain from ads spamming, we will later provide special channel for posting ads


** We are testing and optimizing the database, please report if you found problems of connection or slow responses

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