Message Board: leave your messages online / pass data to other devices

How to use

  • This tool is designed for sending and sharing messages/data over the internet.
    The idea is simple: once you write a message on a board (given a board code such as #0), anyone who know the board code can access it.
  • You can write messages on any board. Each message has an expiry date, which is no longer than 1 year from the time it is written.
  • Setting password is optional. When a password is set, messages can be read only if a correct password is given.
  • All boards can be rewritten by anyone, even those with passwords.

Privacy Policy

  • This tool is initially designed for passing non-important data. Please see it as a public board where everyone can access.
    Although a password system is added for preventing unauthorized access, this tool is not designed for storing a kind of confidential data.
  • Currently, once messages is overwritten or expired, they can’t be recovered (permanently removed from our database).

FYI. Direct link to a given board code is[code] (example:

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