Little CSV: Bulk CSV File Manager

This tool can transform texts into a variety of formats/structures. It can assist tasks of data formatting and coding. Formatting steps can be stored and reused. The tool includes text-to-speech of various languages; it can be used for reading contents and practicing languages.

Download (Official Version): Microsoft Store (Windows 10+)

Download (Portable Version): ver1.0.7 (less feature)

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Quick Guide

TAB: Input and Settings
This tab is for importing data and setting

Import: import files, CSV files with comma delimited is preferred but other format also support

For each file: how data are loaded
skip: e.g., set to 1 if each file has header and you want to avoid header
columns by: by default, “,” is used to split column

Output: how data are loaded
Print Output: print result using a dialog (may freeze application if the output data is huge)
Export CSV: export result as an CSV file (fast and recommended)
Folder Button: go to export folder

Data Validation: check numbers of row and columns in each file

TAB: Actions and Output
This tab is for actions/operations to be done on input data

Concat: concatenate all files into one file

Extract: for each file
FirstLine: get first line of each file
LastLine: by default, “,” is used to split column

For each col, get…: For each file, calculate Average/Mean, SD, Median, Mode, Minimum, Maximum, Summation, etc. for specified columns (separately for each column).
Columns #: You can specify range using “,” and “-” such as “0,3,5-7,10”

Based on 1 col, find…: For each file, get a row with a maximum/minimum value of [1 specified column]

TAB: +
This tab is designed for data sampling. For example, get a data point every 100 rows, starting from Row#99, end at Row#9999. Please note that Row#0 is the first row after “skip” (set on the first tab).



Examples 1

Data Validation: check if some data has different number of rows

Examples 2

Calculate means of variables


Examples 3

Concatenate files


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