[Extension] Kanji – Learn Kanji with Kotoba-chan


Original Game System: DrawWord (mobiles, Windows, Mac)
LINE Stickers: Japanese

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Learn Kanji while watching Streaming

This extension can be added to added to a channel for providing more activity. to audiences




How to use?

Man Page

  • A Kanji is shown, with readings below. Select the correct meanings from 4 given choices.
  • Settings: go to setting page
  • Data are sampled: two readings and two meanings.

Result Page

  • The result from button click is shown.
  • Correct readings and meanings are shown with a button to go to the next question.

Setting Page

  • Select Level of Kanji based on JLPT.
  • “How to Play” will show in page.



Privacy Policy

This extension doesn’t collect any data in the current version.


LINE stickers also available!


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