DrawWord – Privacy Policy (Android + iOS + oths)

In the current version, this application does not need internet access. No information is collected.
Your game-play score and records are stored locally.

In the future, a log-in system may be introduced for backing up your game-play records and to allow you to share game-play data across devices. We plan to use Gmail or Google Play Account login system, so your data will be secured by Google.

  • From the plan, we may provide a feature allowing you to teach the AI new drawing objects (by writing any image you like and tell the AI what it is). The drawings will be collected upon your confirmation. Such data will be used to train the AI.
  • Gameplay data may be analyzed for improving the app for bug fixing (i.e., we may analyze to check whether there are bugs that some kanji cannot be detected) or for promoting learning outcome of users (we may analyze commonly-mistaken Kanji, and further develop mechanisms to help users learn it better).
  • Your data will not be shared to any third party.
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