DrawLots – Randomizer (Android + iOS)

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You want to draw lots for gift exchange but you have no paper nor a box? then this app is your solution~

Drawing lots using you mobile
Simple and straight forward. No Ads and easy to use interface.
Interface with large fonts, designed for showing to a group of people in parties and events.
You can get the final result at once (which you copy to clipboard) or draw item one by one.

  • For iOS user: we got informed that icon images went missing on some devices. We have fixed this.
    Please wait for next update.


 Current Features

  • Until Empty: Draw a number one by one from a list of available number (no duplicated numbers).
    e.g., for exchanging gifts
  • Grouping: Random from possible labels. Can ensure balanced group.
    e.g., assign people to groups, drawing one item from a set of possible items
  • Grouping II: Divide items into equal groups. Similar to the above grouping, but focus on create group containing non-duplicate numbers
    e.g., assign students to group; get a list of students’ id for each group
  • Random Number: Random Number Generator

Current Features (in Thai)

  • Until Empty: จับฉลากของขวัญ
  • Grouping: สุ่มไอเทมจากตัวเลือก
  • Grouping II: แบ่งคนเป็นกลุ่ม กลุ่มละเท่าๆกัน
  • Random Number: สุ่มตัวเลข


How to use: Common options on Settings pages

  • Get Full List: available when the number of items limited. Print all the result immediately
  • Text colors: available for grouping mode, show colored texts
  • Balanced: guarantee that you get same amount of items for each groups

How to use: Common options on Drawing pages

  • Small: enable this will make texts not sketch text to screen. (Normally, text will be resized based on the size of your screen)
  • ShowList:show items drawn (history), from this menu, you can copy to clipboard (for pasting in other application)
  • x Left or x Drawn (located on the right bottom): display the number of remaining items, or the number of item drawn



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