Ask Around – Terms and Conditions

This application is designed for users to broadcast their messages to the public and receive messages from other users nearby . The main design is to allow users to chat in the public anonymously under aliases.

The application is initially designed to help a group of people, who don’t know each other, to ask and answer each other’s questions. With this design, the user can gain useful information from strangers without the need to reveal him/herself.

Our expectations on any user who uses our application are as follows:

  • The user shall not reveal any personal information.
  • The user bears the entire risk of loss and damage that may occur during using the system.
  • The user agrees that we only provide an area for communication, we are not responsible for any outcome resulted from communication between users.
  • The user keeps in mind that aliases can be set without the need to log in, while locations can be set manually.
    Correctness of information conveyed in messages cannot be guaranteed.
  • The user must not use the application for illegal/unethical activities or divisive actions.

What actions are allowed?

  • Ask and answer questions
  • General chatting, greeting
  • Recommending products or services as a part of answer
    (e.g., someone want to buy something, you tell a direction to some store)
  • Spreading or announcing information

What actions are prohibited or discouraged?

  • Any action that might causing damage to other people
  • Ads Spam (e.g., repeatedly advertising products or services that no one asks for)
  • Illegal activities, divisive actions, and internet troll
  • Hatred speech, fake information, swear words
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