AskAround – Privacy Policy

This application is designed for users to broadcast their messages to the public and receive messages from other users nearby . The main design is to allow users to chat in the public anonymously under aliases.

 ■What kinds of information are collected?

Each message is kept with GPS data and the alias of the sender. The alias can be set without the need to log in. Neither the identity of the sender nor the physical device that is used sent the message shall be traceable by the receivers.

Some information for tracking the user may be collected for purposes of preventing illegal/unpreferable actions.

■Privacy during using the App

Each message is sent to the public. Receivers could know whether the sender is in their specified range, but the exact location (latitude, longitude) of the sender is not revealed on the interface. There is an option called “Reveal Distance to Me,” which is set OFF as default; if it is changed to ON on the sender side, the receiver can see the distance between the receiver and the sender, as well as the cardinal direction from the receiver to the sender. Nevertheless, the exact location remains unrevealed.

In conclusion, personal information is not kept in our database. Messages stored are anonymous with aliases.
The senders of messages shall not be traceable without their own intentions.


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